Surveillance Security Systems:

Installation of WiFi, Surveillance, and Optical Fiber at Islamia College Peshawar

Completion of HEC Smart University Projects for Campus WiFi, Surveillance Security systems, and Optical Fiber Laying at Islamia College Peshawar

HIT Solutions Completed Surveillance Security Systems:

HIT Solutions successfully implemented HEC (Higher Education Commission) Smart University projects at Islamia College Peshawar. The project scope includes deploying campus-wide WiFi, surveillance systems comprising 800 cameras, installing 500 access points, and laying 24 core optical fiber infrastructures.

The HIT team will ensure adherence to industry standards, quality control, and timely completion of the project. Completing the HEC Smart University projects for campus WiFi, Surveillance Security systems and optical fiber laying at Islamia College Peshawar will create a technologically advanced learning environment, providing reliable connectivity, improved security, and efficient data transmission for students, faculty, and staff.

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