Fiber Optic Internet at hazara university peshawar

New Fiber Optic Internet Project at Hazara University Mansehra

Completion of CCTV Surveillance Security systems And Fiber Optic Internet Laying Project at Hazara University, Mansehra

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the CCTV surveillance system installation project at Hazara University in Mansehra. This project aimed to enhance the security and monitoring capabilities of the university by installing CCTV cameras on the boundary wall and within the internal buildings, along with the laying of optical fiber cables for seamless connectivity.
Throughout the project, rigorous testing and quality assurance measures were implemented to verify the performance and functionality of the installed CCTV surveillance Security system and the optical fiber network. Our team ensured that all components were properly configured, and the system operated seamlessly to provide enhanced security and monitoring capabilities.

The project’s scope of work comprises of:

a) Survey and assessment of fiber optic internet :

It is important to conduct a thorough survey of the campus to ascertain the best positions for CCTV cameras. This good includes both the perimeter wall and inside buildings. In addition, an evaluation of current infrastructure and networking needs for fiber optic internet connection must be assessed.

b) Procurement and installation :

Obtain the best quality CCTV cameras, monitoring tools, fiber-optic cables, networking hardware, and other essential components. The CCTV cameras should be placed on the boundary wall and in internal buildings as recommended in the survey. Additionally, fiber optic internet cables should also be laid underground to ensure proper connectivity across the entire campus.

c) Integration and testing:

Integrate the university’s existing infrastructure with the CCTV surveillance system and fiber optic internet network. Configure the monitoring systems, network switches, and servers to enable seamless surveillance and internet access. Conduct thorough testing to ensure that the entire system functions properly.

d) Training and handover:

Provide training sessions to university staff responsible for monitoring and managing the CCTV surveillance system. Educate them on system operation, monitoring procedures, and troubleshooting techniques. Then, hand over the completed project to the university authorities, along with detailed documentation and maintenance guidelines.

By completing this project, Hazara University now benefits from an advanced CCTV surveillance system that effectively monitors the boundary wall and internal buildings, ensuring the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors. The Fiber Optic Internet provides reliable connectivity, allowing for efficient transmission of data captured by the cameras. This installation significantly enhances the overall security infrastructure of the university.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Hazara University for entrusting us with this project. It has been a privilege to contribute to the safety and security of the university community through the implementation of this advanced CCTV surveillance system.

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