Completion of IT Work for DHQ Hospital Haripur

The hospital management has launched an extensive IT technology project to put various systems in place in order to improve the effectiveness and quality of services offered.

The DHQ Hospital in Haripur is a crucial healthcare facility that caters to the medical needs of the community.
This project aims to improve surveillance, streamline queue management, establish a conference system, and upgrade the telephone exchange within the hospital premises.
These IT projects’ successful completion will lead to improved patient care, better communication, and effective resource use.


By incorporating cutting-edge IT technologies, this project’s main goal is to improve DHQ Hospital Haripur’s overall performance. The specific goals of the project are as follows:

Surveillance Systems:

Implement a state-of-the-art surveillance system to ensure the safety and security of the hospital premises. High-resolution cameras that are strategically positioned throughout the hospital will be part of this system, which is also integrated with a centralized monitoring and recording system. To maintain a secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors, the surveillance system will offer real-time monitoring, recording, and replay capabilities.

telephone exchange:

Upgrade the existing telephone exchange infrastructure to a modern and scalable system.The updated phone system will be able to handle more incoming and outgoing calls, offer more sophisticated call routing and forwarding options, and link with other hospital communication systems. The brand-new telephone exchange will boost general customer service, guarantee dependable connectivity, and increase communication efficiency.

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